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Descents in the Aosta Valley

The ski area around La Thuile lies under the watchful eyes of the majestic Mont Blanc and offers an unique view of the surrounding peaks. The heliski area of 75 square kilometres allows descents with up to 1200 vertical metres from mountains like the Rutor (3468 m), Mont Miravidi (3066 m) and Pointe Lechaud (3127 m). Beautiful powder snow is common up there. Moreover, the ski area Espace San Bernardo, which is situated between La Thuile (Italy) and La Rosière (France), is a perfectly developed freeride terrain. That ensures spectacular runs along with impressive mountain panorama in two different countries.


The distinctive Mont Blanc in sight, wooshing waterfalls in the ears and the rich traditions of the Aosta Valley in the hearts, the Italian village La Thuile at a height of 1450 m is a perfect point of departure for unforgettable adventures in the Alps. Surrounded by the Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn and the Monte Rosa, ski lovers find plenty of heliski and freeride possibilities in La Thuile. The border region is characterised by the Rutor glaciar with its legendary and mighty cascades. At the same time, the region is rich in traditions, as La Thuile is situated along the historic pass of Piccolo San Bernardo, which has been a huge influence on local culture and economy ever since. Furthermore, a visit is always accompanied by the taste of the past, knowing that the Thuileins still keep their culinary treasures. Best of all, you can relax after exciting heliski days on the mountain in the nearby thermal baths.


In the small village La Thuile there is any kind of accommodation you need: Whether you prefer a rustic-style mountain hotel or a luxury suite, we will find the perfect choice. Experience the hospitality and the culinary specialties of the region during your stay and enjoy the beautiful view over the Aosta Valley. Thanks to the short ways in the village, you are always where you want to be. The beauty of the valley is always right at your doorstep.


With its exceptional heliski area, almost endless piste kilometres and its perfectly developed mountainbike trails, La Thuile is worth visiting any time of the year. Nevertheless, the special charm is experienced in winter, when heliskiing and freeriding appear on the agenda. Thanks to the weather impact from different directions, the region is known for its built-in snow guarantee. Best conditions exist between December and April, when powder and corn snow is inevitable. That is why we can reach plenty of spots with different kind of descents with our helicopters. Keep informed with the latest weather update for your powder experience!


Why Heliski in La Thuile?

What is special about Heliski La Thuile

The heliski adventures in this stunning Alpine region in the Aosta Valley already go back many years. Moreover, the perfect ski possibilities in the region do not leave anything to be desired. The combination of the unique ski area Espace San Bernardo, the numerous heliski spots and the proximity to France give a special charm to La Thuile and ensure plenty of great memories.

What requirements does Heliskiing have? How skilled should I be at skiing or snowboarding?

Trust your skills

To participate in our skiing and heliskiing trips, you should bring some preconditions regarding the skiing skills. Many skiers and snowboarders are insecure, whether they are good enough to fulfill the requirements. Surely you should bring some experience in skiing or snowboarding to do heliskiing, but you do not need to be a pro to enjoy a nice heliski adventure. Thanks to today’s ski-technique with the wider and lighter ski and thanks to the varied, versatile and gently terrain, there a plenty of possibilities to heliski. You should consider that each trip individually places both physical and technical demands on the participants. You will find detailed information on this issue in the respective PDF of each event.
Your find more information to the topic –Requirements for heliskiing- here: Voraussetzungen bei Heliski oder Heli Boarding

Why should I book with Guidemonterosa?

Good reasons for Guidemonterosa

We are specialized in heliskiing, trust on our own helicopters, own guides and are familiar with the region. Therefore, we offer a maximum level of flexibility and individuality. Our destinations in the Alps are easy to reach and offer plenty of powder fun for individual travelers or small groups, an incredible variety of areas, unique accommodation and culinary highlights.

When is the best travel time for Heliskiing in La Thuile?

The best time for Heliski La Thuile

The valley surprises with a extraordinary guarantee for snow. The area gets repeatedly rich snowfalls from different directions. From December to end of April you will often encounter here the desired powder snow. In spring you will have perfect conditions of corn snow.

How safe is Heliskiing?

Safety first

The health and well-being of our customers has the utmost importance during our heliskiing and skiing trips. Our pilots have many years of experience. Your trip will always be accompanied and lead by a proved mountain guide or aspirant guide. Weather and snow conditions are permanently observed and analyzed. You will benefit from our know-how, our knowledge about the area and from a maximum of individuality and flexibility. Experienced, certified mountain and skiing IFMGA guides and aspirants choose the best descents – due to snow conditions and your skills. Our primary goal is your safety and maximum enjoyment.